Dental Services

Family Dentistry Section

Family Dentistry

As family dentists we are capable of offering a wide variety of services for the entire family from 1 year to 100 years of age. Our services include: children's dentistry, cosmetic procedures, crown and bridge, dentures, implants, oral surgery, orthodontics, root canals and TMJ therapy.

Child Dentistry Section

Child Dentistry

We understand the importance of communicating to each individual child and parent. Having children ourselves has allowed us to connect to children on their level and establish a trust to guide them through their visits. Taking your child to the dentist at an early age is the best way to prevent oral health problems as well as reduce anxiety and fear. And, of course, we have the best “real toys” toy box in town.

Adult Neuromuscular Orthodontics Section

Adult Neuromuscular Orthodontics

Instead of focusing on teeth, neuromuscular orthodontics is about how the entire chewing system works together with respect to orthodontic planning. Looking beyond teeth, skeletal structures and the jaws, neuromuscular orthodontics includes the airway, joints, and the muscles that operate the jaw. When these all work in harmony patients enjoy a comfortable bite which ultimately results in a straight smile.

Child Orthodontics Section

Child Orthodontics

Most children can benefit from early intervention braces. At Raleigh Hills Dental we are continually monitoring your child's growth pattern to help identify appropriate timing for jaw and teeth alignment.

TMJ & Jaw Pain Section

TMJ & Jaw Pain

At Raleigh Hills Dental we approach dentistry with a philosophy involving the whole mouth and body. With appropriate care and involvement of our patients we have been able to relieve the pain and suffering of headaches and migraines that are frequently associated with this disorder.

Implant Section


In the past, missing teeth often meant missing out on a certain level of function, comfort and freedom. Raleigh Hills Dental offers the next best thing to a second chance. Implants are durable replacements that are anchored into the jaw and look and function like natural teeth. At Raleigh Hills Dental we have extensive experience and training in all procedures connected with implant therapy including: diagnosis, implant placement, dental laboratory procedures, and final restorations.

Amalgam Fillings & Your Health Section

Amalgam Fillings & Your Health

The Oregon Health Department requires that all dental offices in Oregon have a mercury separation device in place to collect all mercury in our suction devices. An office can not dispose of extra amalgam in the garbage or sewer system. It seems the only place that one can place amalgam (or even dispose of it) is in the mouth. Here, at Raleigh Hills Dental, we have never placed amalgams. We use modern day materials that allow us to be much more conservative and natural appearing.