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1) Do you take my insurance?

We are a provider for all insurances.  Your benefits are chosen by your employer’s plan

2) Can I get my teeth cleaned?

As a new patient we believe in establishing a relationship first before rendering treatment.  Therefore we will spend 1.5 hours gathering information to appropriately schedule for cleanings and restorative intervention if necessary.

3) Do you see children?

As parents, ourselves, we love to participate in the healthcare of our own children as well as the children of our community.

4) Are you accepting new patients?

As a healthcare provider for our community we are always accepting new patients.

5) Why would I choose your practice versus a big corporate dental practice like Kaiser or Willamette?

The biggest difference is the attention to your care and ability to communicate.  We strive on creating relationships which in turn means better care.  You will always see the same doctor and same friendly faces who are knowledgeable about YOUR dental care and needs. We will always answer your call and treat emergencies as they happen.  We are here to treat each person as if they are our own family.

6) Do you take emergencies?

We will always see an emergency whether you are an existing patient or new to our practice.

7) When will my child get teeth?

The two upper and two lower front teeth usually erupt first around 6-10 months and most children have a full set of primary teeth by 3 years of age.

8) When will my child get their first permanent tooth?

Children will get their first permanent teeth around age 6-7 years and continue to shed “baby” teeth until about age 12 years.

9) Why should I worry if a baby tooth has decay?

Primary teeth are temporary, but they deserve good care.  Strong healthy primary teeth are needed to chew food and pronounce words properly.  They are very important since they hold space in the jaw for permanent teeth.

10) There is a dark spot on my child’s tooth?

Often these are the start of small cavities and are much easier to treat if caught early.

11) Is nursing my baby important?

Not only is nursing natural but it is the very first influence on the babies airway.  When a baby becomes intimate with the breast the tongue is forced to the roof of the mouth which naturally widens the arches and readies the jaw for teeth.   Nursing also forces the child to breathe through their nose and use the natural filters that they are created with.

12) Are x-rays safe?

A routine x-ray exam exposure is less than one day of natural background radiation.  It is also about the same amount of exposure from a short airplane flight ( approx. 1-2 hours).  Proper shielding also makes the potential risk even lower.  We utilize digital x-rays and aprons to decrease the potential risk to our patients.